Scott Morris Bio

Hi im Scott Morris, So what can I say, well I was born and bred in the town (Bridport) back in September 1976, my dad everyone knows, if not you should (old Bri), he is always giving his time up and thinking of other before his self , mother sadly is n’t with us anymore, but most would remember her as the diner lady at Bridport county primany and there’s my brother, well he’s a brother always there for me and always sat around,(sorry Gary, I had to). I ve been with my girlfriend and the boy (Chrissie and Aaron) for 15 years and would n’t change any thing about them both.

I have always loved the community feel of the town and it’s surrounding area’s. Growing up, going to the local schools ie Bridport county primary, colfox and going to Scouts ,Youth clubs and playing football for a few local footy teams getting to know a lot of the young and old of the town that means a lot to me. Being in the building trade for last twenty years you do get to meet some very interesting and caring people around the area.

I’ve been attending festivals for a good 20 years now ( 1 of which I go with Dan and our friends down in Newquay called Boardmasters every year) and while being at any festival with a cold cider in my hand, sat in the shadows of the summer sun watching bands I have always wanted to see and a lot of bands I never knew was out there, but now follow , I always get in to the chat with random people about starting up a festival in Bridport because of its great musical culture And fantastic community spirit.

I was once sat at The Isle of Wight festival talking to some old guy (sorry John) about wanting to be part of an organisation to a music festival in this area and his words back to me before he turned and ran off for some reason was ” what ever you do, DON’T organise a party, yet alone a festival”. while sat there thinking “what the heck was he talking about, thinking it can n’t be that hard can it” ,he goes walking on to the stage to thank everyone for attending his festival. Of course i have n’t take his advise, but look up to the guy for holding one of the best music festivals in the world.

So it was one day in the summer of 2013 that I was watching a cricket tournament with a load of friends who were saying that they were going to festivals all over the country, that me and Dan come up with the idea of holding a music festival on our own front door. Its hard work ( don’t get me wrong) but yet great fun and a brilliant chapter in my in life that needs fulfilling (and basically not listening to John) that’s how Jurassic fields began.

To get the town i love on the map, with the great music culture and community spirit, all in one field to have FUN FUN FUN….